Choosing items for your new employee onboarding swag items or packages can be overwhelming. The number of choices can make it difficult to choose gifts your employees will love.

Below is our list of the 6 Most Important Onboarding Swag Items! These should be considered when building your new employee onboarding package. Moreover, they are essential to crafting the best new employee gift package.

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1) Premium Drinkware – A must have in every onboarding package

Premium drinkware for new hire swag boxes

When choosing new employee gifts to include in onboarding kits, practicality is key. Custom coffee tumblers, camping cups, or water bottles are the perfect gift that everyone will use every day!

Our Museema recommendation is the MiiR 20oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle. Even better than an awesome mug, MiiR donates a portion of all profit to charity via their Giving Code!

2) Custom Swag Box – Let your onboarding swag items stand out

Custom box for onboarding swag

Presentation is key to providing your new employees a great experience. Therefore, it is important that your company’s onboarding swag arrives in a custom swag box. This will make them feel excited to be a part of the new team!

3) Sweatshirt or Hoodie – Something everyone will enjoy

Custom hoodie for new hire packages

With the rise in “work from home” culture, it is key to consider remote employees. These employees have slightly different needs for remote onboarding kits. A comfy, custom sweatshirt or hoodie provides each new employee with a casual work from home outfit!

Our Museema recommendation is the extra-soft Cotton Heritage Hoodie

4) Custom Card – Make the onboarding swag items personal

Custom card for swag boxes

A personal touch is key to establishing a connection with new employees. With a custom card, you will make the experience more exciting. Further, your new employee swag kit would feel incomplete without it!

5) T-shirt – Classic item employees expect in an onboarding package

T-shirt for onboarding swag box

The most common item to include is a custom t-shirt! When a new employee starts work, they expect to have this classic swag package item. Moreover, who doesn’t love to wear a comfy tee!

Our Museema recommendation is the ultra-soft Bella+Canvas Unisex Triblend T-shirt

6) Notebook – Help your team get working more quickly

Notebook for onboarding swag kit

Although most of us work in a virtual world, many employees still take notes using a notebook. With a custom notebook in your new employee swag package, you can instantly boost productivity!

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